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Active participants will have three private lessons, one masterclass, an opportunity to play in the Young Artists Concerts at Bilkent Concert Hall, Erimtan Museum, Mozart Haus, and the opportunity to attend daily Lunch & Learn sessions, as well as all other special seminars and excursions. There is no age limit.


Passive participants will be able to observe all private lessons and masterclasses. They will not have access to the artistic seminars and excursions. For those who signed up for a meal plan, daily Lunch & Learn sessions will be included. There is no age limit.

This program is an excellent opportunity for the amateur pianist who has a passionate love of piano to observe lessons by international artist faculty as well as to attend concerts by emerging young pianists at Bilkent Concert Hall. Eight chosen pianists will have an opportunity to play in the masterclass of guest faculty. Those who would like to apply, must submit a video recording along with the application form. Participants in the Passive program may be able to arrange a private lesson with artist faculty, and attend in the artistic seminars and excursions at a moderate cost.

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* Masterclasses and concerts are open to the publıc
* All necessary transportation wıll be provıded for Actıve & Passıve partıcıpants
* All programs are ın Englısh. Translatıon may be avaılable
* The Artıstıc Dırector has approval for all repertoire and schedules